Silver Labs, sometimes referred to as Blue Labradors Are known for their cool coat colors. They are a variation from the Chocolate Lab and are registered with the AKC as they are.

Silver Labrador Retrievers

This amazing phenomenon is the result of an recessive gene that has the ability to transform Black Labs into Charcoal Labs or Yellow Labs into Champagne Labs.

On the shores in the Labrador Sea is a place known as Newfoundland. Labradors were bred on this land and were developed using St. John's water dogs.

The dogs were black and were also referred to as lesser Newfoundlands.

Black was a popular choice of Labradors A preference that continues to be popular particularly in the hunting community.

Black Labrador

Silver Lab puppies usually have blue eyes. their eyes transform to light yellow color as they grow to the age of 8 months up to a year old.

Silver Labs are thought to be Weimaraner cross breeds, particularly because some look Hound-like, such as Bo above. However, they are an AKC registered Silver Lab!

This isn't due to the fact that they're not purebred Labradors It's since there's two kinds of Labs. The American Labrador and the English Labrador.

If you're not familiar with this Labrador breed of dog, you may have heard of the words "English Labrador and American Labrador'.

English Labs are for the show ring, while American Labs are for hunting.

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