The Rottweiler is a breed of working dog well-known for its intelligence and confidence.

Rottweilers have also been used for guard dogs, driver's rescue dogs, and police dogs.

Rottweilers Dog

Atypically tall and well-built, It is a strong, muscular Rottweiler between 22 and 27 inches tall and weighs between 90 to 110 pounds (41 and 50 kilograms).

Rottweiler Dog Breeds

It is a coarse, short black coat with tan-colored marks on its head, chest, and legs.

Rottweilers are renowned for their intelligence and confidence, but they also require a consistent training program to develop their social skills.

The official background of the breed goes back to the year 1901, which saw the development of the first Standard Rottweiler through the International Club of Leonbergers and Rottweiler Canines in Germany.

It is said that the Rottweiler is a huge dog that can weigh as much as 135 pounds, the majority of which is muscle.

Even the most courteous, gentle Rottweiler could cause harm to children, older, smaller adults, and anyone who's not stable on their feet, at risk.

Rotties gain weight quickly and should be taking at least two 10to 20 minutes of exercise every day, along with mental stimulation with games and training so that their body and mind stay in good shape.

Eight weeks old Rottweiler puppies usually are sold for around the $1,500-$2,500 price range.

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