Beagles are among the most well-known dogs around the globe, with the rank of #6 as the most loved dog in the United States.

The first time it was discovered was during the 15th century, the time that Queen Elizabeth carried miniature beagles in her saddle. The dog soon became known as a queen Elizabeth pocket beagle.

Pocket Beagle

They are also regarded as beagles with smaller sizes by the National Beagle Club of America and are believed to be two or three inches shorter than the standard beagle.

Beagle Puppy

They love every person they meet and form friendships everywhere they go. They're simple to take care of and require only some exercise to help them lose their energy.

They'll have the typical square muzzle of a Beagle, but they will be shorter. The large ears frame their small face perfectly. With their large brown eyes, they can persuade anyone to do whatever they want.

They typically measure 7-12 inches tall and weigh 7-15lbs.

Their chest, legs, belly, and tail tip are white, while their head and neck are dark brown.

The pocket Beagle is exceptionally loving and is adamant about snuggling in its owners' laps at the end of an exhausting day.

Miniature beagles are very smart and tend to be some mischief when they are bored.

They are gentle dogs who enjoy children and play with them all day. They will be committed to your child as soon as they meet them. They will be with them everywhere they travel!

They have medium to short length coats. It means their hair isn't slackened into large clumps of hair like the more frizzy breeds.

Since they are a rare breed, they can be priced between $500 and $1500.

Miniature Beagles are highly clever and easily trained when they are in the right mindset.