Pekin duck is one of the most sought-after breeds within the United States.

Pekin ducks have been described as being a breed with multiple purposes, which means they've traditionally been kept for egg production and meat production.

Pekin Ducks

Pekin ducks' gentle and often affectionate behavior also has earned the admiration of many for a pet on farms together with chickens.

They are durable and consistently eggs of high quality even through the winter months.

Pekin duck is a Pekin duck that is believed to have been domesticated for over two thousand years.

As Pekin ducks get older, their yellow fuzz begins to give way to fluffy white feathers. The white shanks (legs) remain the same color throughout their lives.

Pekin ducks came to America just a few years later and quickly became the most sought-after duck breed available.

The life expectancy of the Pekin duck is approximately 8-12 years.

Mature Pekin duck chickens (females) weigh about 8 pounds. Drakes who are mature (males) weigh about 9 pounds.

Pekin ducks are renowned for their ecologically challenging nature, even in places where there is a long, frigid winter.

The ducks will require a warm and secure hut or a coop to sleep in at night to rest and hide in during severe weather.