Michigan Humane Society is a private non-profit organization that provides animal sheltering and welfare services to the metropolitan Detroit region.

Michigan Humane Society

The events at Michigan Humane are featured in the Animal Planet channel's reality TV show Animal Cops: Detroit.

detroit humane society

Established in 1877, Michigan's most established and largest animal welfare group.

It is among the largest animal welfare groups across the nation by the number of animals being cared for and various services and programs.

Michigan Humane is not a recipient of government funds and is not affiliated with any humane group in the United States or Michigan-based animal welfare groups.

There are three centers for the care of animals within Detroit, Rochester Hills, Howell, and Westland.

Michigan Humane is also a force behind better protection of animals through legislation across Michigan.

Michigan Humane is the largest Michigan open admission facility. It will take any animal into its three locations no matter their age, geographic area, or health.

Animals brought into MHS are evaluated to determine their health and temperament.

They are supervised by recognized experts in animal behavior and more than a dozen highly-trained veterinarians.