Michelle Williams Pregnant With Third Child: 'It's Absolutely Joyful'

Michelle Williams is expecting her third child.

An Oscar nominated actor, 41 along with her partner Thomas Kail 44, will be welcoming their baby in the season, Variety has learned.

It's the second child of the couple. Their daughter, Hart, was born in the year 2020.

Williams has a daughter of 16 years old Matilda from her romance with famous actor Heath Ledger.

Kail Williams, who is most well-known for her work as a director on "Hamilton," worked with Williams on "Fosse/Verdon.

This was to show that the world isn't over," Williams says."The world that we brought our baby into isn't the one we believed we were taking a baby into, but the child is not aware of this.

Williams spoke to Variety in the magazine's every year Cannes Film Festival issue

Children are like having children is like. Your DNA is mixed with that of someone else's in order to form a new, unique life."

Williams is busy in 2022 will be a busy one for Williams. Alongside "Showing Up," which A24 will release later in the year, she'll be a co-star on Steven Spielberg's autobiographical come-of-age movie, "The Fableman."

"I did not get anything," she says. "I was wondering if I could still work when pregnancy, however I'm exhausted."

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