The Grubhub app and its website started to crash and go through glitches just minutes into a promotion that promised New Yorkers a free lunch.

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The delivery service Grubhub announced this week that it would provide New Yorkers with a "free lunch" between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. this day.

Of course, the promotion was accompanied by a few conditions, such as lunch isn't actually "free" but discounted by $15 using the coupon code FREE XXXX.

A Grubhub spokesperson told Eater the following "During this Free Lunch promotion, redemptions were six times more than the promotion we introduced in 2021.

At times, we were processing an average of 6000 orders each minute.

The Grubhub application and website started to crash and glitch a few minutes into the campaign, with issues that included rejected payments and messages of error.

The spokesperson further states that the company "worked with our restaurant network in advance to notify restaurant partners leading up to this promotion," however sure restaurant owners claim they were unaware.

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