The German Shepherd is the fourth most popular dog or puppy in America. It is a smart, agile, muscular dog breed. The companion is a dog loyal, courageous and self-confident, loyal to the owner.

The height of the German Shepherd from foot level to the base of the shoulder is 24 to 26 inches for the male dog and 22 to 24 inches for the female and can weight 65 to 70 pounds. 

German Shepherd Height, Weight

The entire life span of a dog of this breed is from birth to the last 10 years.

German Shepherd Life Span

Viewed from any angle, the most beautiful image of a dog is presented and its gait is a free and simple gait but can be reached by taking a few steps to reach a good speed.

The German Shepherd comes in 15 different color variations, the most popular of which are black, sable, grey, black & tan, red & black, and black & silver.

Shepherds are prone to allergies due to high shedding, require more consistent vacuuming and lint-rolling, nail-biting, bathing, and hair-plunging.

The German Shepherd is the best dog because the strong sense of loyalty to the owner and the members of the entire family is different from all dogs.

The German Shepherd gives a wolf-like appearance and barks more than other dogs and can reduce the barking to some extent even with proper training.

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