Top 5 Best Dogs For Protection In 2022 : Good Guard Pet Dog

Dogs are essential for entertaining and helping people with disabilities who suffer from grief in their spare time. Their friends with children like to play with them, find lost objects, and detect sugar levels through smell. We do.

Nowadays, keeping a dog in every house has become necessary because it will protect you and your house from thieves. The dog will help the dog attack when strangers come to your home, sense of danger, lethal internal material brought by the stranger.

Choosing the right dog is important as it protects the home, owner, and family members. It is possible A dog must have the qualities of intelligence, loyalty, courage, affectionate love, and territorial instinct.

The Rottweiler is a special breed that emerged from the Mastiffs of the Roman legions. Male Rottweiler has a height of 24 to 27 inches, a weight of 95 to 135 pounds, and a lifespan of 9 to 10 years. Rottweiler is an intelligent dog.


You will find Black & Mahogany, Black & Rust, and Black & Tan in three colors. Due to the excess mass of the body, the muscles are strong, which makes them very strong and conquerors, courageous, and self-confident.

Before breeding, breeders conduct sire and dam tests to avoid problems such as hip dysplasia. This test is done through X-rays, in which hip deformities such as eye deformities, heart problems, and cancer are detected.

Health Tests From the National Breed Club

Elbow Evaluation

Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Hip Evaluation

Cardiac Exam

The Rottweiler should be trained as a puppy from an early age. To teach from scratch means thorough grooming, socialization, basic training classes, and living in an owner's home.


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