The Blue French Bulldog, also known as French Bulldog, is a color variation on the French Bulldog.

Because they are so small, they make a great companion dog and are very adaptable to living in an apartment.

Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog puppies are small and stocky, with thin skin.

Blue French Bulldog Puppies

They are distinguished by their unique coat of bluish gray, which is a rare characteristic. There are both solid and patterns with some white.

While other colors of a French Bulldog can be found with a pedigree, they cost approximately $1,000 to $1,000 more than the average Blue Frenchie.

You should encourage positive breeding and investigate the region where they are bred.

They are not French-bred, as their names would suggest. They were first domesticated in the United Kingdom, near Leeds.

A recessive gene called the dilution gene is responsible for the smooth blue-gray color of.

French Bulldogs are a breed that is meant to be a companion for life. They are relatively low-energy.

Frenchies are adaptable dogs that can be social and friendly. It all depends on how socialized they were as puppies.

These dogs are great as a family pet. These dogs are small and do not pose a threat to children.