Most Popular 10 Best Small Dog Breeds In United State

Do you want to know about the best breed of small dog? If yes, then you are an animal lover and want to have a small dog.

Small dog breeds favored for their compact, small size and ability to hunt and run fast

Best Small Dog Breeds

In addition, these dogs are easy to carry, very cute, easy to transport, and require less food and medicine than other dogs, and they also bond well with children and families.

A dog that weighs 20 pounds or less is considered a small dog breed. Some small breed dogs are very close to the ground and some are tall, tall and lean.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that likes to sit on its owner's lap. It is not a timid dog at all and can be an excellent watchdog, can face the enemy alone from around the house.

Yorkshire Terrier

Their height is about 7 to 8 feet, weight is 7 pounds and they occupy very little space to exercise, the terrier behaves like friends with the owner

This tiny dog breed named Dachshund is nicknamed Doxie, Wiener Dog, Sausage Dog, Hot Dog, and more.


On the basis of their ability, they are called by so many names and it comes in small size. The dachshund has a very sweet relationship with all the people in his relation but his behavior with strangers changes.

The height of the dachshund is 5 to 9 inches, weight up to 12 pounds, and long body and short legs, with the main colors coming with chocolate, black, red color

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