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Top 10 Animal Shelter In United State (US) : No Kill Shelter

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Animals are an important pet members that we love so much, almost everyone looks for adoption places instead of buying a pet from a store.

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Too many dogs die almost every day in the United States but thankfully there are a lot of animal shelters that fight to save their lives.

animal shelter near me volunteer

animal shelter near me volunteer

The No-kill movement in the United States is instrumental in reducing the deaths of healthy pets and creating more effective animal shelter systems.

animal shelter everett

animal shelter everett

Ten No Kill are successful animal shelters in the United States with full responsibility for adoption, foster networks, and care to reduce deaths from healthy pets.

Austin Pets Alive! – Texas

Austin Pets Alive! – Texas

Dr. Ellen Jefferson has become American Psychological Association organization nationwide leader in a No-Kill revolution.

He saved as many animals as possible taking out the list of dead pets from austin animal centers, locating the death and improving the resources.

City of San Jose Animal Care & Services – California

The program "Feral Freedom" reduced euthanasia of cats by 40 percent thanks to the Trap Neuter pioneering initiative at the San Jose Animal Care and Services Animal Shelter in downtown Jacksonville, California

Multnomah County Animal Services – Oregon

As a member of the Multnomah ASAP alliance a alliance of the largest animal welfare organizations serving the four county Portland metropolitan area, it has become a structure for reducing mortality rates.

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